Policy and Suggestions

  • New to NOMA Music? The best way to have us initially preview your songs is to direct us to a website where we can stream and listen. Reverbnation, Soundcloud, etc. Around ten songs is a good start.  We'll ask for more if we are interested.  Don't forward video links.. not interested in watching!

  • What  we look for: Original songs that you own all rights to, music and lyrics, and that you control 100 percent of the recording master, all writers shares, and all publishing rights, or have the consent of a publisher or record label to legally make them available. 

  •  Do not send in any mp3s unless we request for you to do so. If you are already a represented songwriter-client of ours, the door is already open for you to send in your latest. If unsolicited mp3 attachments are sent, and we don't know who you are,  we will delete the files and move on.  So when sending songs in (after we give you the go ahead), do make sure that they are properly labeled with the artist name, appropriate contact name, song title, and the year of the recording.  Song files do get separated from time to time, and if we don't know who sent them in to us, guess what?  Delete button goes into action!

  • We  work with pretty much all styles of music, and at some point in time, we will be asked to come up with some "not so common" pieces. We are not always looking for the styles that are being played on commercial radio stations, so surprise us, and let us hear unique, cutting edge, but well produced music. Production demands do change, and some styles that are in demand today will be history tomorrow.  You can always check our Music Wanted page to get an idea on some of the current music needs, though not everything we work on is posted there. 

  • Make a great  first impression and give us your best sounding, well produced music. You provide us with top quality pieces, and we'll take it from there. We need well produced and mixed and mastered recordings. If it sounds like a demo, we are not interested in listening.

  • We do our best to respond quickly, and listen quickly, but we will always contact those back who have music that we feel will fit in best with our ongoing needs and requests.

  •  For record labels, managers and management companies, music attorneys, publishing companies, and those representing multiple acts, we recommend phoning in directly.  Ask for Mike.

  • Use licensing@nomamusic.com as the initial main contact address to forward music links. Direct to Jim's attention. He's the man!

  • If you prefer human contact, we can take phone calls on (805)-498-4900 or (805)-498-5240, and we are located on the west coast of the USA, so allow for the time differences if you do want to phone in.