Production Listings for December 6

 For those who have good matches to any of the below:

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  • New series is looking for a lot of really cool Hip Hop.  Music in the vein of Valee, Yo Gotti, Young Nudy, Brockhamton, Young Thug,  Jaden, and Schoolboy Q.  Vibrating thick bass lines and drum heavy tracks, and left of center and off kilter tracks, and introspective tracks using real instruments, like guitars, piano, and strings.  Get us ideas anytime on Monday.

  • Several projects looking for songs in the vein of "Imagine Dragons".  No love themes.

  • Television series looking for slower, and romantic songs sung in the Italian language. Think Sinatra, Dean Martin styles, etc. Originals only. Will need the lyrics in English if selected for use. Male vocals preferred. Can be old vintage recordings as well.

  • TV series is looking for  gorgeous and emotional ballads in the vein of Buzzy Lee, Hannah Georgas, Charlotte Day Wilson,  and Angel Olsen. 

  • TV series in need of  dark, serious, and slow songs in the vein of Lisa Caruso,  Warpaint, Timber Timbre, and Sevdaliza.

  • Series looking for songs similar to Haiku  Hands'  "Not About You". Something fun, hip hop, and poppy sounding.

  • Series is looking for authentic 1970s Disco, Funk, Pop and Soul in Spanish. Must be actual recordings made in this decade. Nothing newer.

  • Motion picture looking for original soundalike songs in the style of Isaac Hayes,  Lionel  Ritchie, Luther Ingram, Al Green,  and similar.  Newer  soundalike recordings, or vintage recordings.

  • Door is open for well recorded modern songwriter songs that  will "make you cry", " make you happy",  "inspire", "teach lessons",  "open your heart", "make you smile", " make you laugh", "make you feel lighter", "and themes about  "overcoming obstacles,  hardships", etc.

  • We don't list all of the projects we are working on, so do get in contact if you have great sounding, well produced original songs.

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