Production Listings for August 24

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  • Series is looking for French songs that are haunting and eerie sounding for some  suspenseful scenes. Older recordings, or newer recordings are okay. Prefer female vocals, but male vocals may work if the song is perfect.  Due Monday 11 AM latest.

  • Series is looking for authentic 1970s Disco, Funk, and Soul in Spanish. Must be actual recordings made in this decade. Nothing newer.

  • A few of our series are looking for vintage Rap / Hip Hop recordings made in the 1990s.  Tribe Called Quest, Missy Elliot,  and other known acts of that decade.

  • TV series is looking for Rap and Hip Hop . Reference names are Danny Brown, Pusha T, and Run The Jewels.  Need clean lyrics and good sounding original recordings.

  • Motion picture looking for original songs in the style of Isaac Hayes,  Lionel  Ritchie, Luther Ingram, Al Green, and Grover Washington Jr.  Newer recordings, or vintage recordings.

  •   Looking for songs with themes about "life", "living", "success",  "beating the odds",  "women power", "men power",  and more.    Not looking for songs about love and romance at this time.

  • Looking for original songs sung in the Italian language. They could be recorded in the 1950s-1970. Male and female vocals.

  • Feature motion picture looking for authentic vintage, and vintage sounding songs in the French language ala  Edith Piaf,  Charles Trenet, etc.

  • If you have original songs and have a singing voice close to well  known recording artists,  get in touch.

  • We don't list all of the projects we are working on, so do get in contact if you have great sounding, well produced original songs.

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