Production Listings for June 13

For those who have good matches

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  • Television series is looking for well recorded, original songs that are similar in style to the following: Ryan Adams,  Amy Winehouse,  Andrew Bird, Joss Stone, Friendly Foes,  Bright Eyes, Minus The Bear,  Banks, Amos Lee, Iron & Wine, Fleet Foxes, The Aces, Bon Iver, Fiona Apple, Civil Wars, Hanna Georges, and similar. Portland, Oregon style folk, indie, college rock, folk rock. Male and female vocals.

  • Series is looking for Vietnamese songs. Set in 1968, so old songs work, and covers of well known American songs sung in the  Vietnamese language work as well. And  open Vietnamese pop songs too!

  • Looking for well produced songs that combine different styles of music. Hybrids. Cutting edge, exciting. Songs that really stand out and have that "wow" factor.  Perhaps from some new writers who would like to be considered musical trend setters.

  • Collecting songs that are positive. Songs about  living, life, good things happening, success and achievement, making it big in the world, being your best, etc. 

  • Looking for songs in different languages. Pop. Hip Hop, Rock, Vintage, Oldies.  Examples: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German. Newer and older recordings.

  • We have projects looking for lots of great songs NOT about love, relationships, etc. How about songs about "Life" in general? The good, the bad, and the ugly. Real messages that everyone can relate to. Need great sounding songs to back up great lyrics.

  • Seeking new well-produced broadcast quality songs and instrumentals that are "quirky", "off-center", "odd but melodic", "hooky".

  • We don't list all of the projects we are working on, so do get in contact if you have great sounding, well produced original songs.

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