Production Listings for July 19

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  • Television series asking for  Eastern European sounding music. Vintage sounding. Vocals and non vocals. Gypsy sounding, ethnic Romanian, Russian, etc.

  • Television series is looking for fun, upbeat electro pop singer songwriter and band songs for opening credits. Also need emotional leaning singer songwriter pieces. Male and female.

  • Sports ad is looking to replace this 1965 sports ad music with something iconic sounding but more modern like it was recorded today. On You Tube, type in Classic UK TV Theme-World Of Sport to listen to the music that we need to update and replace. Due Sunday 7 PM PST.

  • Television series  is asking for a lot of modern singer songwriter tracks.  Should be recorded over the last 3 years or so. No love themed lyrics. Songs about life, making it, etc. 

  • Series looking for original vintage recordings made between 1967 and 1973.  R&B, Rock, Pop, Soul.

  • Looking to connect with a soulful vocalist who would like to pair up with a skilled and credited songwriter and recording professional to create great sounding songs ala Etta James, Nina Simone, Billy Holiday,  Dinah Washington, and more.

  • Retail project is looking for uptempo  "Dance" style music for uses in gyms as workout music. Songs and some non vocals as well.

  • Retail project asking for pop and songwriter style songs sung in Portuguese. Can also use non-vocal tracks with a distinct Brazil flavor.

  • Retail project will be needing a good amount of modern indie pop songs. Mid tempo and up. No hard rock, or hip hop. Electronic work.

  • We don't list all of the projects we are working on, so do get in contact if you have great sounding, well produced original songs.

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